vineri, 20 decembrie 2013

Run and Buy: Pearl Studs

Clipboard-pearls Clipboard-petterobenoir

En: I know pearls have been around for a while and they always had the amazing capacity to elevate any outfit. They are timeless clasics and most of you probably already own a necklace, a pair of earrings or a bracelet (you can see mine in the previous photos). But lately, ever since Dior created these unconventional earrings, I feel like my jewelry collection needs an update, too. So today, while I was searching for the perfct Dior look-alikes (unfortunately without success), I came across many beautiful and current pearl styles and I thought I'd share. Maybe you're gonna wear pearls yourself or maybe they can find their way to your loved ones as a Christmas present!

Ro: Stiu ca femeile poarta perle de cand lumea si ca sunt o solutie la indemana cand vrem sa facem un outfit sa arate elegant. La fel ca o rochita neagra, pantofii stiletto rosii sau un trenci bej, perlele sunt accesorii clasice si probabil majoritatea detineti deja un colier sau o pereche de cercei. Eu le-am primit cadou pe ale mele de la mama, cand am implinit 20 de ani si le-am intrebuintat cu fiecare ocazie. Totusi, in ultima vreme, de cand Dior ne-a prezentat acesti cercei neconventionali, cred ca a venit momentul sa imi actualizez si eu colectia de bijuterii. Cum versiunea Dior nu intra in calcul, momentan sunt in cautare de o pereche asemanatoare la un pret pentru bugetul meu de student. Si tot cautand, m-am gandit sa fac si o lista de posibile achizitii, in caz ca va ganditi si voi sa purtati perle Craciunul asta sau poate sa le oferiti cadou cuiva drag?

Cuff earrings
27 RON -

Pearl earrings

Jon Richard crystal earrings
43 RON -

Pearl jewelry
400 RON -

Pearl jewelry
295 RON -

Topshop pearl jewelry
65 RON -

Silver jewelry
100 RON -

Sterling silver jewelry
125 RON -

Silver earrings
205 RON -

11 comentarii:

  1. You are so beautiful and classy *_* I love perals, but they're too fancy fro my hobo style :-D

    1. Thanks so much, Keit. For what's worth, I absolutely love your hobo style!
      Hugs, A.

  2. Esti foarte frumoasa si luand in calcul si perlele mi te imaginez purtand un oufit similar trendurilor anilor 60 :)

    1. multumesc :) inca nu mi-am ales tinuta, o sa tin cont de sugestia ta ;)

  3. Such a pretty post, love it.

  4. So pretty! I love the earrings ;-)

    Rochelle Rivera

  5. Si mie imi plac perlele si am atat modele clasice cat si mai noi. Nu perle naturale.
    Iti vine foarte bine cu rujul fuchsia/daca vad bine. :D

    1. E un mov inchis desi nu pare in poze, iti multumesc!