marți, 18 martie 2014

Get the Look: Monochrome Burgundy


En: I'm crushing really hard on this look. I find it so refreshing and spring appropriate! And it totally makes me wanna buy a new hat, which, as I've previously stated, may not be the best idea for me! If you like it, too, find the links below:

Ro: Cam asa visez sa ma imbrac primavara asta! Tinuta monocroma, dar nu intr-o culoare plictisitoare, cu un plic supradimensionat si o palarie cu boruri largi! In caz ca va face si voua cu ochiul, gasiti linkurile pentru reinterpretarea tinutei mai jos:


5 comentarii:

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  2. Love that monochrome look. Especially with the burgundy color. Great post and inspirational board. Hope you could check out my blog. I'm giving my readers 20% off their purchase from Otaki Clothing.


  3. Foarte draguta tinuta! Arata foarte bine si cred ca o sa iti stea la fel de bine!

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