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X-mas gift ideas: dad

En: By far the most challenging and usually the most last minute when it comes to Christmas presents is my dad.I believe that, generally, it is harder to buy male gifts if you are a girl, but with my dad it's almost impossible.So I don't know if you have the same problem, but just in case you do, I put together a list of things I offered him throughout the years and he almost loved!

 Ro: Chiar daca in general, cumparatul cadourilor pentru cei dragi e o sarcina usoara, exista o exceptie: tata.Pentru el e aproape imposibil sa gasesc ceva potrivit si e de obicei cadoul pe care il cumpar in ultimul moment, in timp ca ma rog fierbinte sa ii placa macar putin!Asa ca am incercat sa alcatuiesc o lista cu lucruri pe care i le-am cumparat de-a lungul anilor (sau pe care vreau sa i le cumpar pe viitor) si sper sa ii fie de folos cui mai e in situatia mea.
1.Hugo Boss bathrobe (halat de baie Hugo Boss)
2.Old Navy Men's striped sweater (pulover in dungi Old Navy)
3.Uniqlo wool cap (sapca de lana Uniqlo)
4.Logitech universal remote control (telecomanda universala Logitech)
5.JackJones west scarf (esarfa lana JackJones)
6.Silver glitter tie (cravata argintie metalica)
7.24 bottle wine rack (suport pentru 24 sticle de vin)
8.Silver plated black cuff links (butoni placati cu argint)
9.Hugo Boss cologne (parfum Hugo Boss)
10.Hugo Boss after shave balm (after shave balsam Hugo Boss)
11.Planet Earth DVD complete series (seria completa "Planeta Pamant" DVD)
12.Leather strap Casio watch (ceas Casio cu curea de piele)

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  3. men really are hardest to shop for! thanks for this easy gift guide! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  4. Cute gift ideas! Hope you had a fabulous holiday. Would love for you to stop by my blog if youve got a sec and leave your thoughts on my latest post!
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  5. Great items!

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  6. Nice ideas, I like the n.2! Kisses! xo

  7. Wow, nice ideas!!!
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