vineri, 26 iulie 2013

What about Floral Interiors?


En: It looks like I'm going through a floral phase: first a flowery dress in a flowery setting and now a home inerior post dedicated to beautiful flower arrangements. I don't know if it's all the weddings I've had to attend lately or it's beacuse I'm growing older (my mum's theory  that you get more into plants with age), but I felt like looking at this beauties today. And i hope you don't mind...

Ro: Se pare ca trec printr-o noua faza: rochia cu flori din postarea trecuta si acum un post de design interior cu aranjamente florale.Nu stiu daca de vina sunt toate nuntile la care am participat in ultima vreme (3 nunti in 3 saptamani) sau faptul ca imbatranesc (asta e teoria mamei: cu varsta iti creste interesul si dragostea pentru plante), dar am simtit nevoia sa ma uit la frumusetile astea pe pinterest si m-am gandit sa vi le impartasesc...


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  1. nice photos; ]

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  2. Beautiful pictures!!!Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
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  3. Beautiful pics!
    New post on my blog!I'm waiting for you dear!
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