vineri, 14 septembrie 2012

Jewellery Wishlist

I love jewellery, ever since I was a kid.I rarely go for the minimalistic, barely there necklaces or braceltes and usually choose a good chunky necklace, several bracelets or big earrings.So this fall's jewellery trends seem to meet my preferances perfectly.Click on the number you like in order to shop the products.

Around your wrists(the arm party continues):
1.Asos spiked cuff
2.Need Supply nail cuff
3.River Island bangle

On your fingers:
4.Need Supply Claw Ring
5.Need Supply Apex Ring
6.Need Supply Tiny Triangle Ring

Around your neck/On your shirt:
7.Topshop collar tips
8.Asos cross necklace
9.Topshop chunky spiked necklace

In your ears:

10.Asos Deco Chain Earrings
11.Toshop Tube Earrings
12.Asos Cross Earrings

I want all of them...

16 comentarii:

  1. I love that River Island Bangle the best. Have a great weekend.

    1. For me, it's impossible to choose a favorite.Have a great weekend, too

  2. Lovely!

    XO Jules

  3. Cute! Number 3 is my favorite :)

  4. i love this post!!:):) i'm following you,visit my blog if you want :)

    1. Thank you, thanks for following! :) you've got a nice blog!

  5. Beautiful pieces!! If you have a chance, please visit/follow my fashion blog. Your supports will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance. I hope to hear from you and to read more of your future blog posts.

  6. I love your jewelry selection! I want all of them too:))
    Following your blog! great style, keep it up